Aims & Objective


Gyan Niketan School in Patna is a beacon of quality education and impeccable values for over 25 years. The school has distinguished itself as a reputable institution at state, national and international level.

Today, the alumni of Gyan Niketan are spread out in India and across the world and have made their alma mater proud by excelling as professional in the diverse field and also as entrepreneurs. Today, the alumni association comprises of academicians, administrators, engineers, doctors, scientists, scholars, politicians, fashion designers, graphic designers, technocrats, journalists, and entrepreneurs among others.

The very mention of the alumni brings before us the rich legacy, a learning environment, and distinctiveness of our school. It brings up vivid memories of yesteryears, the peer learning, bonhomie among seniors and juniors, affable teachers and the tradition of past which shaped us an individual.

Over the years, we as individuals have crossed several milestones and made significant contributions in our chosen field and have kept pace with the changing time.
The formation of Alumni association is to renew the relationship, deepen the bond and come up as a cohesive unit to contribute significantly to the growth of each other in a selfless way.

The school has welcomed our effort to institutionalize alumni association to strengthen the bond between its alumni and the alma mater. Gyan Niketan has considered its alumni as a source of strength, support and sustenance in its endeavors of scholarships, health camps, and career counseling and other supporting activities for its students.

The alumni association has been formally formed in November 2015 in order to fulfill the long felt need for a forum to connect and collaborate with alumni from different batches. As part of it, the association is in process of getting duly registered as a society to activate it’s functioning.

At present, a committee has been formed to provide vision and constant guidance and for coordinating all round activities of the alumni association.

We envisage Gyan Niketan Alumni Association as a thriving community dedicated towards state and nation building. The alumni association is committed to helping, support and guide, each and every alumnus in need in the best way possible.

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